Um…does he even realise that a large number of the ‘poor people’ live in rural Australia where public transport often is non-existent and therefore cars are the ONLY way for people to get around?

Also, public transport is not cheap, especially for people who do not have concession. And he can’t honestly expect all of us to walk everywhere - that would be impractical in many situations.

I just…I give up on our government.


one of the biggest missed opportunities in naruto: diverse cultures

we have deserts, icy lands, woods, mountains, plains, different temperate zones, even a few black characters but they all wear the same fugly ninja clothes, speak the same language, use the same writing system and eat the same food.

yes i understand, japanese ninja, comfortable clothes yadda yadda but try to stop for a minute and imagine what we could’ve had

(and yes, they don’t look like siblings at all but couldn’t care less atm)

I, for one, have always supported the idea of the Sand siblings having dark skin…because come on, desert sun! Also, it would be very exotic if their culture was Mediterranean-inspired. :)


Diaval no, you are not helping.